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About The Creator

From an early age, Chelsea was always inquisitive. Though somewhat quiet and shy early on, her loved ones eventually realized that she was really just taking everything in. She loved learning new things and teaching them to others. She always had a "following" and most times set trends and provided advice for her peers. Spiritual in nature, she always seeks the good in others and wants to impact their lives in a positive way. She searched for ways to allow her true nature to evolve, without the fear of being taken advantage of. Chelsea has always been extremely imaginative, creative and fearless with regard to trying new ideas, products and anything that may improve or empower her and others. That is why she decided to become both a creative life coach and a health and wellness life coach, while also studying business law. She carries herself open to all hopes, dreams, and possibilities. Entrepreneurship is in her blood. She has always wanted to own her own business one day, starting with her lemonade stand as a child. Growing up constantly struggling with the questions "What do you want to be when you grow up?", "What are your passions?" as the answers would always change because there wasn't just one thing. In her journey of evolving, she has come up with a way to help others through this same struggle. She has found a way to do what she is passionate about and wants to show others its possible for them too! What will make her successful is that she is not afraid of failing. She is a firm believer in, It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce back up that counts.”  - Zig Ziglar 
In Chelsea Jenette's words, Keep Going