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Couples Therapy! Is it beneficial? How do you know if it's right for your relationship?

We all know that this last year has been trying on not only individuals but on relationships as well. Divorce rates are skyrocketing since the pandemic hit and we want to talk about it. Couples have spent more time together (or apart) only to realize that maybe the relationship isn't what it used to be or what they thought it was. The big questions being, have we grown apart? Is there love even still there? 

My question is, do you consider couples therapy before calling it quits? Did you try it and still felt the same after? Like all therapy, it can have major benefits for a couple that is still willing to try to work on things. It can help you communicate better and really get to the bottom of the issue you both are having. However, sometimes you just know that you are done and it's healthy to be honest about it. Here are some telltale signs you and your significant other may benefit from therapy:

✨  You are not communicating with each other effectively and efficiently. If everything you talk about ends up in a argument.

✨ No longer as intimate as you used to be. If there are unresolved issues at hand, it makes it hard to crave each other. 

What are your thoughts and experiences with couples therapy? 



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