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BALANCE! Do you work out to eat or eat for your work out? There is a lot of controversy on this topic and we want to weigh in. Some people eat for gains (eg. high protein diet) and then do specific work outs to tone their muscle. Then on the other side, some people work out so that they are able to eat whatever it is that they want and not run into extreme weight gains or health issues. We believe that no matter which you are, it is always important to have a balanced diet and remain active. Your body needs nutrients and when you stop giving your body those nutrients, its throws off how your body makes what it needs naturally. Our golden rule for eating what you want is portion control. Never too much of one thing and never too often. Switch it up! Here are some more tips below:

Too much of anything you put into your body could be harmful. Consult your doctor or a nutritionist before adding extra protein to your diet for gains.

Try to cut out junk food. Keyword being try. Sometimes comfort food is just that. Just make sure you have a fitness plan in place to remain in balance.

Drink more water. Whatever your eating habits are drink more water. As we know it is a natural detox. Try other detoxes!

We also did a survey of healthy women and men over the age of 90 and we asked what was their key to eating and remaining healthy. Majority said to just be and feel happy with what you eat! ✨

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