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Parenthood 👧

Spring is almost here which means it's allergy season for our kiddos! With COVID still glooming over our heads this season will be difficult to navigate when to stay home because of the symptoms your kiddo is experiencing. We are all busy so the last thing we need is a hiccup in our schedule, at the same time it is imperative that their health and safety of them and our communities comes first. Below we have put together some tips and signs that you may not be dealing with just allergies. This information is not to replace the guidance and information from your healthcare professional. 

✨  Green Boogies! If it's green, it's mean! In other words you are dealing with an infection of some sort. Consult your doctor!

✨  Schools Policies Schools are opening back up and even though we have masks, you should still make sure they have policies in place for making sure ALL sick children stay home. There are other things going around aside from COVID.

✨  Have a Doctors Note On Standby. If you know your kids allergies well, know the signs, and know when it's not allergies. Have your doctor write a note in advance so that your kid won't miss any school due to alarming staff with symptoms.

Always remember to monitor the symptoms, because as we know allergies make us more susceptible to catching an infection and spreading it.

Comment with your tips, questions or just talk about it. Let it out mama!

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