• Jane Topic✨

    Vacation or Staycation?  Let's face it... being a busy, passion dabbling, multi-specialty rockstar can take a huge toll on your mind and body. We all need a vacay every once in a while. You avoid burnout and ultimately make yourself happy. Of course with the worldly situation right now, it makes... View Post
  • Fitness Topic 💪

    Resistance Bands (booty bands) Workouts! Bands are in and we want to let you know why and show you some workouts to go along with them.  ✨Adds light to heavy difficulty to your workout to build muscles faster. In fact, a lot of athletes use them after an injury to help strengthen their muscles. ... View Post
  • Love Topic 💘

    Couples Therapy! Is it beneficial? How do you know if it's right for your relationship? We all know that this last year has been trying on not only individuals but on relationships as well. Divorce rates are skyrocketing since the pandemic hit and we want to talk about it. Couples have spent mo... View Post
  • Parenthood 👧

    Spring is here which means it's allergy season for our kiddos! With COVID still glooming over our heads this season will be difficult to navigate when to stay home because of the symptoms your kiddo is experiencing. We are all busy so the last thing we need is a hiccup in our schedule, at the s... View Post
  • Nutrition🍎

    BALANCE! Do you work out to eat or eat for your work out? There is a lot of controversy on this topic and we want to weigh in. Some people eat for gains (eg. high protein diet) and then do specific work outs to tone their muscle. Then on the other side, some people work out so that they are able... View Post


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