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Jane Of All Trades™ Pocket Guides

  • $15.00

Jane Of All Trades™ pocket guides! A step by step pocket guide tool you can use to take the steps necessary for a healthier life, all while juggling your trades and passions. Volume I Cleanse & Awaken, this guide talks about cleansing your body and awakening your mind. Volume II The Healthy Race, this guide talks about manifesting your thoughts and working on your body from outside to within. Volume III Settling Into You, this guide talks about settling into who you are and piecing together the bigger picture. Give yourself a month after you read each book to educate yourself, apply it to your everyday life, and most of all stick to it! Even if you don't consider yourself a Jane or Jack Of All Trades, this guide is made for all humans. There is also a Jane exclusive from our Author and founder Chelsea J in every volume with her personal battles and tips for being multitalented.

  • Brain Teasers
  • Fitness Quiz
  • Zodiac Compatibilities 
  • Lined Pages For Journaling
  • & More!